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Episode 26 - British Summertime

We're currently in the process of changing our website (which explains the slight sporadic updates) we are working with voy media if you've got any comments/suggestions for new features you'd like to see of things that would make your life easier just get in touch with us either here on our site, via email - studio(at)ragnarokradio.co.uk or on our myspace page www.myspace.com/ragnarokradio

Anaal Nathrakh - The Final Absolution
Korvus - In The Name Of Lucifer
For Your Sins - Aftermath Of The Massacre
In Mourning - In The Fading Hour
Obliteration - Repent
Blasphemous Creation - They Come At Night
Paths Of Posession - Memory Burn
Prong - Power Of The Damager
Stairway - No Mercy

You can download the new episode here:Episode 26 - British Summertime


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Episode 25 - Insulting people in Polish

If you can drag yourself away from the glorius British summer heres the latest episode of Ragnarok. If your in a band and would like to leave us a shout out (or ident) that we can use on the program give us a call on 0191 645 3780, if your an international caller use +44 and remove the zero at the front of our number. Then leave your message in the following format - Hi, I'm (your name) from (the name of your band) and your listening to Ragnarok Radio. Thanks!

Tracklisting for the show goes like this...

Fueled By Fire - Massive Execution
Davola - The Rising
Core - Rewind
Centurions Ghost - Requiem
Kinetic - Vessel Of Rebirth
Helrunar - Glamr
Lotis - Suudelda Neidu
Tyrant - Hell Is Broken Loose
Sigh - Death With Dishonour

You can download the new episode here:Episode 25 - Insulting people in Polish


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Episode 24 - Northern Kings

Four of Finland's finest metal kings join us on this very special episode of Ragnarok Radio!
Marco Hietala, Tony Kakko, Jarkko Ahola and Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto otherwise known as JP are the Northern Kings. If you haven't heard of Northern Kings before they're a symphonic metal supergroup who cover popular songs from Tina Turner to Radiohead. We'd like to thank everybody who helped us in putting this show together from managers to of course the artists themselves. The show also has the following tracks....

Northern Kings - We Don't Need Another Hero
Tarot - Tides
Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful
Sonata Arctica - Don't Say A Word
Charon - Colder
Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa
Northern Kings - Hello

You can download the new episode here:Episode 24 - Northern Kings

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July Thialfi - news update!

fight fire with fire copy

Ivory Blacks

Upcoming gigs at Ivory Blacks Glasgow - July 24th Acacia Strain, August 9th Maiden Scotland, 27th All Shall Perish, 28th Faust, 29th Alestorm, October 12th Orange Goblin, November 25th Gorgoroth.

Rockers need shows filling

Bands are required to fill slots at Rockers in Glasgow for dates throughout July and August get in touch Rockers, 14 Midland Street, Glasgow, G1 4PP Tel 0141 221 0726 Mobile 07745643958

Korvus in Colchester

Korvus will be performing at Colchester Arts Center Saturday 26th July with Desecration, Eastern Front and Brainchoke. Doors 7 Entry £7 advance tickets available on 01205 500 900

Death in Blood

Are currently looking for gigs get in touch via myspace at http://www.myspace.com/deathinblood 

Kick in the Taj's promotions presents

Crocus, Hitcher, Lavotchkin and Inches From the Mainland at Balcony Bar, Dundee Friday 1st of August. Doors 8pm Entry £3


Sunderland based band Laceration are currently looking for more members to join their group. Find out more about the band at http://www.myspace.com/lacerationlivecouk

Looking for art & design at affordable prices?

The Typhon is looking for commissions specialising in designs for print and web, has also worked with a variety of metal bands in the past. Check out the portfolio online at www.thetyphon.com

Got News?

Have you got a choice bit of news? Don't keep it to yourself! Send it to us at studio(at)ragnarokradio.co.uk


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Episode 23 - Blitzkrieg

Episode 23 is another special episode featuring Brian Ross from British heavy metal band Blitzkrieg who took time out from the recent gig played at the Newcastle Academy to talk to us. Thanks go to Brian, Blitzkrieg and Flat Hill Promotions! Keep your eyes on the Ragnarok site as photos from Graspop should be online soon. The track-listing for the show looks like this...

Arcane Corps - Anvilized
Devian - Scarred
Steel Prophet - Church Of Mind
Vantage Point - Motor Man
Crawler - Whiskey In The Jar
Dirty Rose - Insanity
The Gates Of Slumber - Dweller In The Deep
High On Fire - Deviliution
Overloaded - Feeling Overloaded

You can download the new episode here:Episode 23 - Blitzkrieg

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Episode 22 - Budgie Smuggling

Hey everyone hope you all had a great summer solstice which in the viking calendar is of course the midsummer blot! We've already been hitting festival season and this coming weekend is Graspop which we'll be attending if your gonna be there and see us just come over and say hey. Anyway episode 22 shapes up to be a little like this...

Atsphear - Ascent Descent
My Own Grave - Beneath Dark Waves
Suidakra - A Blackened Shield
Alba Gu Brath - Dupplin Moor
Corrupt Absolute - Root Junkie
Hammerhand - Firebeast
Thoughts Of Ruin - The Despised
Malera - Depersonalised
Stigmata - Solitude

You can download the new episode here:Episode 22 - Budgie Smuggling


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Ragnarok Tube's newest videos


Gordy thinks hes gonna go to hell for his video of Wifebeater see what you think....

Wifebeater at New Elgin Hall

While your also there also check out our video of Cryptic Hate


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June edition of Thialfi

Alestorm changes drummer

Alex "Hasselhoff" Tabisz is the latest addition to the Alestorm lineup replacing Wilson. Gavin published this statement via myspace "Please welcome into Alestorm, our new drummer, Alex!
He is from Hamburg in Germany and has already proven himself as an exellent addition to the lineup with his amazing drum skills, hilarious and brilliant guy to hang out with, native German speaker and his uncanny ability to find the only open pub in China town in London at 1am!"

Rock of Ages

Tickets are now on sale for Rock Of Ages festival held on 6th & 7th of September in Birmingham. Proceeds are being donated to Cancer Research UK and the show features Blitzkrieg, Stairway, Liquid Sky, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Avenger. Tickets can be purchased from www.myspace.com/rockofagesfest

Bands wanted for shows

Rockers in Glasgow requires bands to play booking shows from June to August. Contact James at http://www.myspace.com/rockersglasgow

Upcoming Gigs at Ivory Blacks

25th June Dying Fetus, Anterior, Burning Skies & Trigger The Bloodshed - 30th June The Berzerker - 3rd July The Rotted, Ted Maul, Visceral Deity, Cerebral Bore - 24th July The Acaicia Strain

Storm the Cardiff

Storm the Walls play Cardiff Barfly with The Autonomy Within, Burning Skies and Anterior 21st June 7:30 £6

Hayward HC Podcast

Episode 4 of the Hayward HC hardcore and underground metal podcast is now online. It features an interview with Done Deal check it out online at http://www.haywardhc.com

Looking for art & design at affordable prices?

The Typhon is looking for commissions specialising in designs for print and web, has also worked with a variety of metal bands in the past. Check out the portfolio online at www.thetyphon.com

Got News?

Have you got a choice bit of news? Don't keep it to yourself! Send it to us at [email protected]


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