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The Clan

Just in case you wanted to find out more about us what follows is the bio of each member involved in some way with the production process behind Ragnarok.


The leader of this rowdy rabble she generally bosses everyone around making sure that everything gets done from mixing the show to designing and managing the website. She originally got the idea for the show back in 2006 and started producing it solely as a monthly audio show. Her metal preferances include alittle bit of everything but particularly thrash, black and death metal.


Co-presenter, writer and photographer his exceptional metal knowledge makes him a key member in keeping track of the news throughout the metal world. He was initially recruited back in 2006 as a presenter and his role on the team has developed as Ragnarok has grown. He likes all genres of metal although his favourite bands include Iced Earth, The Wildhearts and Celtic Frost.


A fellow co-presenter who can usually be found ranting in much the same way he does on the podcast his sharp political wit keeps everyone on their toes. Also recruited back in 2006 he appears solely as a presenter and has continued this role throughout the duration of the shows history. Dwayne comes from a mixed heavy metal and punk background being a fan of Sabaton, Laibach and Faith No More.


Writer and occational presenter he lends his word smithing talents to Ragnarok Runes and Ragnarok Radio when time permits. He joined the Ragnarok team in the summer of 2007 assisting with the interviewing of Risen Prophecy, his knowledge within the niche segments of heavy metal culture injects some variety into the Ragnarok sound. He enjoys a wide range of music covering most genres from folk (grampa's guitars!) to classic rock to extreme death metal. When it comes to metal he particularly enjoys gothic, doom, progressive and symphonic bands including Tristania, Dark Tranquillity, Nightwish and Ayreon.


Is a writer and photographer who predominantly contributes to Ragnrok Runes when he can. His first contribution was to Ragnarok Runes in late 2007 but he has also supported the Ragnarok project prior to this date. Having a mixed musical taste between indie and metal he tends to cover slightly more mainstream events prefering bands like Tool, Coheed And Cambria and Enter Shikari.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:44 PM |  

    Play some End of Everything!
    there from glasgow and fucking rule\m/!!!